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What should I say about my passion in interview?

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If you want to know what you’re passionate about, name one area of interest. Next, you need to tell them what the specific thing is, and then explain why you’re passionate about it.

How do you express passion in an interview?

  • Begin strong. A thoughtful answer to the interviewer’s question, “tell me about yourself” is what Zavo recommends.
  • Ask questions.
  • The extra mile is what you should go.
  • Continue to be interested after.

Showing that you care about the industry, company, and role means that you will do what it takes to be successful.

Sharing your education, experience, and skills in a way that shows your excitement and positions you as the optimal candidate for the job is key to instilling confidence in the interviewer. If you are interviewing for an architectural job, you should tell the interviewer how you have been interested in building design since Santa left a bucket of Legos under the tree when you were five.

Mention that the look on the new residents faces when they opened the door to the home you helped build increased your commitment to affordable housing issues. Asking why the company adopted a new advertising plan or why it was named to a list of great places to work demonstrates admirable curiosity.

Sean Pour, co-founder of SellMax, remembers interviewing a candidate for a position as a call center agent. She told the interviewers that she always wanted to be involved in the industry but was not mechanically inclined and that she saw this position as a perfect fit.

Carolina King, chief people officer for the executive search firm Lucas Group, was interested in something like this, as he wrote a response with the subject line ‘call off the search, you have already found the right hire’.

How do I describe my passion?

Write your passion down, I love it. I like doing this because I like talking about what makes you happy and what makes you happy. Describe an outcome of what you did. I like helping people who want to get published, improve their writing or change careers to become a writer.

What’s my passion examples?

  • It’s healthy to eat healthy.
  • Walking, hiking, or trekking can be done.
  • There are people running.
  • The person is biking.
  • A person is swimming.
  • The person is self-defense.
  • There are sports.
  • Resistance training using weights.

I was scared that I would end up living a meaningless life.

It is better to derive meaning from different areas, hobbies, interests, and purposes. We play different roles as we age and the passions can change as a result.

If you are confused or lack enthusiasm in life, here is a list of passions you can pursue. A healthy lifestyle includes walking, hiking, running, swimming, yoga, self-care, etc. Business and entrepreneurship Work performance and productivity Leadership Coaching Training or teaching Donating volunteering Writing Speaking Painting, sketching, or crafting Knitting and Crocheting Designing Creating or Editing Building or repairing Collecting or organizing Decluttering or cleaning Playing an instrument The broad categories I have listed are health and wellbeing, learning and growing, work and service and living a good life.

What is your passion at work examples?

  • Understanding the job and how it fits into an organization is important.
  • Being able to change.
  • Complying with employment requirements and performing the job well.
  • Practical and analytical contributions to job improvement.
  • Able to work with a team.
Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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