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What are the contents of the research?

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  • There is a purpose for the study.
  • His study or statement about the problem is important.
  • There is a review of literature.
  • A methodology.
  • There is an interpretation of the data.
  • There areConclusions and suggestions.
  • There is a Bibliography.
  • There areAppendices.

The importance of the problem for the advancement of knowledge may also be explained. He needs to use a review of literature or data from a secondary source. In a statement of his problem, he must be able to explain in brief the historical account of the topic and how he can make it happen.

He needs to note down all the research work that was published. He needs to collect information about earlier research work.

He must be honest to point out similarities and differences of his study from earlier work. Primary data can be collected in field work through questionnaires. For valid generalization of the phenomena, the methodology has to give various aspects of the problem. Along with different concepts used in the study, the scales of measurement must be explained.

Procedural things like definition of universe and preparation of source list must be given while conducting a research. The data collected from primary source needs to be interpreted in a systematic way. The information gathered in field work can be used to draw conclusions.

The analysis of data may lead to suggestions from the researcher. Any theory that has been advanced must be supported with all sorts of proof. The list of references must be presented in an appendix.

From a reader’s point of view, the pattern of bibliography is satisfactory. The general information in tabular form which is not directly used in the analysis of data but which is useful to understand the background of study can be given in appendix. It needs to cover statement of the research problem, hypotheses, objectives of study, review of literature, and the methodology to cover primary and secondary data.

The introduction of the research project may be given in the first chapter. It’s important for farmers to be able to read the research.

Data should be presented in a systematic manner and conclusions can be drawn from it. The summary knowledge of the research work makes it easier for the reader to understand it.

What are the basic contents of a research proposal?

  • The introduction is about something. It’s sometimes called ‘need for study’ or ‘abstract’.
  • There is a review of literature. All sources of scientific evidence relating to the topic in interest are referred to.
  • Objectives and aims.
  • Design and method for research.
  • It is ethical to consider ethical considerations.
  • The budget.
  • There areAppendices.
  • There have been citations.

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What is basic content of research proposal?

The research proposal should include a draft research instrument, a detailed work plan, and a budget. 9. A clear writing style is required for the research proposal. All expressions should be written in the correct way.

What are the contents of a proposal?

  • A complete proposal contains key elements.
  • There is a cover for this.
  • A table of contents.
  • The abstract is also called the project summary.
  • The project description is called narrative or research plan.
  • The Budget Explanation is also called Budget Justification.
  • It’s also called a resume or a biographical sketch.
  • Current and pending support is also called other support.
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