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What are the 4 story types?

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  • A linear narrative. A linear narrative presents the events of the story in chronological order.
  • There is a non- linear narrative.
  • A narrative about a quest.
  • Viewpoint narrative.

What are the 4 main story elements?

The four major story elements are character, setting, plot and theme.

What are the 4 P’s of storytelling?

Patrick said that before his team takes on a project, they make sure they have a firm understanding of what they call the Four P’s: People, Place, Plot, and Purpose.

What are the types of stories?

  • Overcoming the beast. This type of story goes all the way back to Beowulf.
  • There was a rebirth. A story of renewal.
  • It’s a quest.
  • Return and journey together.
  • There are Rags to Riches.
  • There was tragedy.
  • There is comedy.

What are the 5 story types?

  • Taking on the monster.
  • It was Rags to Wealth.
  • The journey.
  • It is a voyage and a return.
  • Comedy.
  • There is a tragedy.
  • There is rebirth.

The poor protagonist acquires power, wealth, and/or a mate, loses it all, and gains it back as a result of growing up as a person. Cinderella, Aladdin, A Little Princess, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Moll Flanders, The Red and the Black, The Prince and the Pauper, The Ugly Duckling, The Gold Rush, and the Jerk are examples. The Lord of the Rings, King Solomon’s Mines, The Divine Comedy, Watership Down, Monty Python and the Holy Grail are examples.

When the main character goes to a strange land, they overcome the threats it poses or learn important lessons to the location, they return with experience. The Time Machine, Peter Rabbit, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner are examples. The main character is a hero with a flaw or mistake that is their undoing. Examples include Anna Karenina, Carmen, Citizen Kane, John Dillinger, Jules et Jim, Julius Caesar, Madame Bovary, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Hamilton.

Some examples are Pride and Prejudice, The Frog Prince, Beauty and the Beast, The Snow Queen, A Christmas Carol, and Peer Gynt. The hero needs to win first bronze, then silver and then gold objects in order to be considered a winner. Booker puts the narrative of contemporary human affairs into a new perspective by interpreting the mind of God, and by analyzing the novel, which will never be the same again. The work was described as a “brilliant summary of story-telling” by philosopher Roger Scruton and others.

Adam Mars-Jones is a novelist and literary critic.

What are the six basic stories?

  • There is a song called Rags to Riches.
  • The book is called “riches to Rags”.
  • A man is in a hole.
  • Icarus (Rise, then fall)
  • Cinderella is Rise, fall, rise.
  • The fall, rise, and fall are referred to as the Oedipus.

What did Kurt Vonnegut and Aristotle have in common? Modern research shows that stories are simply imitations of events that happen in real life.

There are stories under the umbrella of drama. If we graph life’s fortunes and misfortunes over time, we get a sine curve, which is definitely not this smooth in reality, but bear with me. One with large rising and falling trends, with smaller ups and downs throughout. Thinking of stories as snapshots of your characters imagined dramatic curves can help you make larger decisions.

There are smaller trials within the larger trends. The dramatic curve of life isn’t neat. There are little bouts of luck or difficulties at every step of the way. A college student may struggle in school, but she has a good relationship with her family.

If the dramatic event we want to write about happens at school, the good or bad fortune weIllustrate her having must relate to her time at college The implication is that we wouldn’t start a story with a character of average or moderate fortune. A man who has been fired from every job and is scrounging for money is a good starting point.

Their immediate problems are solved when they win a sign-twirling competition. This is a comedy in that it makes people say, “life’s funny that way, isn’t it?” We don’t want to start the stories with a character of regular fortune.

The beginning of the story should show a person who is proud of their accomplishments. They were valedictorian, captain of the football team, and loving family, until they got addicted to Xanax.

The simpler stories start in a valley of fortune and end in the opposite direction. A larger section of the dramatic curve is involved in the Man in a Hole and Icarus plots. He used to be made out of wax by his father.

They fall down the dramatic curve after a stroke of misfortune. The curves of these stories are not as fortunate as they start. Characters will learn from their experience in Man in a Hole stories.

She accidentally left her glass slipper behind when she ran away from the ball, but the prince was able to figure out who she was. They have just gone through a terrible tragedy such as a mother dying and being forced to live with an evil step- mother and step- sisters. Cinderella stories have dramatic events such as falling in love with a prince, winning a championship, and landing a record deal. Imagine if they lost the chance of a record deal because they had to miss a rehearsal because of their daughter’s illness.

They are only going to that rehearsal because they need the money to care for their sick daughter. A life change that sends them to a higher level of fortune.

Though it wasn’t won without hard work, the producer cuts the rapper the record deal of a lifetime because they were moved by what they heard. His father gave him up as a baby because of a prophecy that he would one day kill him.

He was given up by his parents because of a prophecy that he would kill his father and have sex with his mother. After the dramatic curve of life, Oedipus worked hard to change his fortune and become King. The dramatic event in question requires them to work toward it. They come up with a plan they think is perfect in order to solve the initial problem.

In Cinderella stories, the fall in fortune is due to the main character’s initial plan going awry. He has worked hard to overcome the distant life of a man at sea and to show his wife he cares about her when he is gone. The sailor thinks things couldn’t get better when their adopted son is interested in sailing. His wife, who is still scarred from the opening tragedy, argues that boats are not a good place for young boys.

This worry and badmouthing of the man causes a rift between the couple. The child who the sailor thinks would save their marriage is the one who leads them into divorce. A stock market graph of rises and falls is what we get when we map the nature of life’s ups and downs. There is a dramatic curve of life that exists outside of the plot we write.

A plot is a snapshot of some point in time along a character’s imagined dramatic curve. A larger section of a character’s dramatic curve is often covered in more complex stories. Understanding the dramatic curve and typical arcs of stories can help you feel out and discover your story’s natural beginning, dramatic turns, and ending.

What are all the story types?

  • The underdog is trying to conquer the monster.
  • There is a quest.
  • The journey is back.
  • Rags to money.
  • The Clarity Tale is a comedy.
  • The Cautionary Tale is also known as tragedy.
  • There was a rebirth.

At the edge of town, Mad Henry lived in a mansion.

He was said to be a magician who used the powers of darkness to torture his neighbors. Others said he was a mad doctor who could bring corpses back to life. A hero, a mentor, a villain exist in a particular landscape for your business. Both of you have special powers and abilities that make it possible for you to succeed.

It helps you pick the right metaphors, Archetypes, symbols, and language for your communications. Courage and strength are more important than we might think to overcome fear or defeat evil. The Hero’s Journey is an ancient plot line.

There is a long journey involved, but it is consciously chosen. Chris Guillebeau’s quest to visit every country in the world and his most recent book “The Happiness of Pursuit” are wonderful examples of this theme in business. Your story is about transformation through learning lessons and overcoming obstacles if your business falls into this category.

Kris Karr had a strange and sudden cancer diagnosis and her journey to find healing is an example of this in business. The narrative in a business story will talk about the process of blossom into your true power.

Tara Gentile is a good example of an evolution. She told me that not positioning myself with stories related to power did a number on her business growth.

That is what people expect from me and it is even more powerful when I use those kind of stories. Permission was granted to quote from a private group on Facebook.

If the Comedy is your primary plot, either you or your clients will identify with a need to communicate clearly to those who matter most. PSAs tend to start with a sad tone and end with a happy one. Either you or your clients will identify with the struggle to create something new from what is old and out-dated if Rebirth is your primary story plot. This plot is shown perfectly by Pamela Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation.

There is a correlation between your primary and secondary FA scores and your primary story types and many, many years of reading and researching. You will get advice on how to incorporate that primary plot into your own marketing once you take the test.

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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