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How many words are on a long-form sales page?

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5000 words is the average word count for a long-form sales page. It’s a lot of words to write a 2500–5000 word sales page for my clients. Is it enough?

How long is a long form sales letter?

There are lists, quotes, and tables. Sales letters are rather long. You are looking at roughly 5k words, going from point to point, section to section.

How do you write a long sales page?

  • Understand the audience you’re in.
  • A value proposition is created.
  • The price needs to be right.
  • Determine the length.
  • The Headline and Subheadings should be nailed.
  • Tell me about your product.
  • Show the benefit to the public.
  • It’s important to get the language right.

A sales page is the best place to explain your products and services to visitors. Any marketing and advertising budget you spend will be wasted.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the secrets of writing high converting sales pages so that you could funnel a steady stream of revenue to your bank account? By the end, you will know how to write a sales page that converts, so that your business revenues stay healthy and growing. You will be able to boost your bottom line by using this specific funnel. It’s important to understand who your audience is and what they’re looking for before you put pen to paper.

Once you have a buyer persona, you can create copy that addresses them. This will be a single sentence or short phrase that will guide the rest of your copy. If you can make the price less of a sticking point, you can win the value vs cost argument. It’s time to start writing your sales page after you understand your target audience and what you have to offer them, it’s time to label your price points with descriptive names to help users to self-select.

When people click the call to action, they are definitely convinced, because long copy lets you deal with more customer objections. You can get to the deals if you understand the purpose of the company in a sentence. The long copy helps you make a case for those who are less easy to get along with.

Visitors will be quick to leave if you get it wrong, so this is the most important part of your sales page. If your message is more complex, you will need a subheading to add a bit more context. Check out our guide to creating high converting headlines for help with this tip, because Optin Monster uses a large headline with a subheading to convey more information to the reader. This is where you will explain to your visitors the core problems they face.

By writing detailed descriptions of each feature, you will be able to convince shoppers to convert, and you will also be able to get some ranking benefits in the process. Describing the ins and outs of your product can give potential customers more confidence. The principle of features vs benefits is what anyone wondering how to write a sales page that converts has to understand.

Your benefits will often be listed on your sales page as bullet points, as in the example below from Enchanting Marketing: Some people will be willing to buy the minute they land on your sales page. To address visitors who are unsure why they should buy now, a time-limited discount or offer can be helpful. You will dismiss the objection that your visitor doesn’t think it’s right for them if you explicitly explained who your product is for.

Even still images grab attention, and you can use them to cleverly direct your readers’ gaze to the most critical areas of the page, since we were so impressed with the results. To boost engagement with a video popup, you have to follow the steps in our video. Scannable is one of the most important design tips for any piece of online copy.

Break up the text to make it harder for readers to read it. There are no walls of text that make people want to look away.

The sales page should look like it is broken into sections. To inspire readers to click through and make a purchase, the page needs to be free of distraction.

There is nothing else for the reader to do other than read and sign up for a 30-day fitness challenge. Laja points out that novelty keeps visitors’ attention. There are multiple images with colorful shapes in the background. You can see similar images in different positions on the page as you scroll down.

To create a dynamic sales page layout, you don’t need to be a professional designer. It’s easy to build a landing page with SeedProd because you don’t need to touch a line of code. No matter what size screen your visitor uses, it will make sure your page is big enough.

It reminds people that publishing is quick, and it is a great way to showcase photos in one sentence that sits next to the CTA button. There is a CTA button at the top of the page where your headline and summary copy is. You will include a button at the end of the page if you have a compelling reason to buy.

For help with getting your CTA just right, read our guide to writing the perfect call to action, for example Amy Porterfield has a few calls to action to get users to begin a relationship with her. Human beings hate missing out on anything, and a time-limited offer fuels that fear, increasing conversions and sales, so you can add a few finishing touches to compel your readers to take action if they are still on the fence.

You can save the sale if you prompt them to get in touch with you before they leave the site. Optin Monster’s Exit-Intent technology can be used to detect when people are about to leave and show your campaign at the right time. You will see a boost in conversions and your bottom line if you practice these tips.

Sometimes stepping away from the theory and seeing some live examples is the best way to figure out what a sales landing page is. It’s simple with a clear statement of purpose and a subhead. They use three boxes to segment their users so they have the right information for their needs.

A psychological trick by marketers suggests that once a user starts a process, they are more likely to finish. Potential visitors will be one step closer to signing up when they start searching for courses. The Productize about page uses stories, but also builds trust with a photo and logos of companies the writer has worked with: This is a great sales page template for entrepreneurs who sell a personal service like Brian Casel.

CloudApp has a sales landing page with attractive images that highlights key features. The founder of ClickFunnels introduced the term sales letter.

In a 2-step tripwire funnel, you offer a low-ticket item that is nearly impossible to turn down. You aren’t using a low ticket offer as bait with a sales letter funnel. Visitors will purchase the item once they reach the sales page. They get a one-time offer for a related product when they make their purchase.

Customers can choose to buy related products on the confirmation page of your offer wall. If your customers make a follow-up purchase, they will still be added to your email list from the initial sale. You can get in touch with them for seasonal offers, online courses, product launches, and so on. All you have to do is build a Yes/No campaign, make a few modifications to it, and have it triggered from your first product confirmation page.

You are ready to start editing after naming and assigning your campaign to a website. If you want to add or remove elements, you can drag and drop them in your left-hand side editor. If your customer clicks No in your campaign, the entire popup will close.

You can pull up the editing options on the left-hand side if you click on the Yes/No button. When your customer clicks on your No option, they will be taken to your downsell.

Your Optin view should be used as a sales page for your product. Again, follow all the best practices to create a sales page that converts. You are replicating the sales page you made for your upsell, but with a different product. The fixed URL of your original offer’s confirmation page is all you need for this portion.

If you want your customers to see your first sales page that is awesome, you need to change the first field from time on page to current URL path.

How do I create a long-form sales page?

  • ACompelling Headline is what you should create. Common sense tells us that a headline is important.
  • Explain the benefits of your offer. It is possible to think of a sales page as a funnel.
  • A suitable bonus is required to convert a customer. People are fond of free things.
  • There is an FAQ section.

People don’t want to be told in a dozen different ways why they should buy a product. The founder of one of the largest marketing agencies in the world made the statement. I was involved in a $600,000+ product launch and the top promo could generate $1,000,000+ in a fortnight.

A salesperson is paid thousands of dollars to create sales copy for an offer. You can steal a framework for writing sales pages from me.

The long-form sales letter or editorial piece is the first style that was used before the internet. They look like a sales page with buy buttons.

This will include deadlines, guarantees, payment options, etc. Bullet Points: Clear overview of the product You might think that a long-form sales page is a cure for your problems. If you have to think long and hard before making a purchase, a long-form sales page will be effective. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will show you how to copy and paste a formula to write different types of long-form sales pages.

Our perception of how to sell to people has been warped by the Sleazy Wolf of Wall Street characters. A good salesperson doesn’t need to be sleazy or charismatic. It sounds like a trap mentality, but it’s not.

If you make the mistake of writing a long-form sales page that doesn’t address your customers needs and wants they won’t buy from you, you will lose customers. Original Price: the saving and benefit of buying it now Your Price: First Call to Action (CTA) and buy button testimonials: feedback from customers Objections: problem followed by the solution Benefits: everything the customer is about to receive It’s an effective rinse and repeat copywriting formula for One person comes up with a great idea and other people imitate it. Along with an example sales page that uses the formula, you will find six common copywriting genres.

The letter from a niche influencer is a popular approach that falls into this genre. Frank Kern is one of the best examples of a copywriter using this approach.

There is a variant of the open letter he is using to sell his book. A personal letter can work well if you have a clear idea of what you are writing about. People struggle to achieve a goal and this style of copywriting works for them.

Mike Schauer wrote this piece of sales copy in 1979. The same style of copy targeting the same niche will generate sales if you publish it tomorrow or 25 years from now. The author is presented as an objective and trustworthy person in the open letter. Think of a friendly college professor who relies on facts.

The most famous example of an open letter was by Louis Mengel of Merrill Lynch. The open letter is an effective format for news stories.

The plot for the sales pages is similar to one from a Disney movie. A person is forced to develop a solution to a problem he or she encounters/ they have a natural talent He or she becomes an expert in their field Friends and business acquaintances start asking for help The pupils start to get similar amazing results now you, the customer, have the opportunity to purchase the The team behind the software identified a problem they felt obligated to solve.

The Special Report is a sales technique that uses authority and credibility. It takes the form of an article that gives a unique insight into a niche.

A headline like, “500% Increase in 2019: A Special Report On The Alternative Meat Market” would be a page-turner for anyone interested in investing in stocks. An example of a special report about copywriting can be found above. The “Tale of Two Young Men” is one of the longest running examples of You’re In Our Tribe.

The author was Martin Conroy. The Wall Street Journal sells $2 billion worth of subscriptions. Two people with the same opportunities in life are told in a sales letter.

Five essential ingredients of a long-form sales page are covered in this final section. If you want to write effective copy, you need to be aware of these hacks. A person sees your headline the first time they see your sales page.

A sub-headline that expands on the promise is followed by a headline on a long-form sales page. They use different colors on the sales page for OctoSuite. Borrowing a formula that works is the simplest way I have found to do this. Thousands of words of copy can be found in a long-form sales page.

Your eyes will glaze over when you scroll down a page with only a small amount of text. An example from a sales page is what I am going to show you.

The white label product was created for affiliate marketers. The top part of the funnel is where you deal with objections.

The offer is often summarized by an expanded checklist later down the page. A limited-time bonus is a standard marketing tactic. The main offer on the sales page should be relevant to the bonus. The FAQ section can be used to address the obstacles that your customer is facing.

While you’re never going to learn how to write a sales page overnight, this guide has hopefully covered most of the basics, so you can address issues that you didn’t have the chance to include in your sale copy. The sales page templates and formulas I gave you are proven to work. The only thing left to do is to decide if you want to use a long-form sales page.

How do you structure a sales page?

  • There is a headline.
  • Sub headline.
  • The problem is presented.
  • Your product is the solution.
  • Social proof.
  • Bonuses.
  • An offer.
  • There’s a guarantee.

Your headline is the first opportunity to get your customer’s attention by making an emotional appeal to the problem they are trying to solve. Headlines should be easy to understand, should include your name, and should attract the reader to read more.

When you see a happy couple, it makes you wonder if you will ever find the right partner. The bandwagon approach is when you show your prospects how other people have benefited from your product. Product reviews or testimonials are popular forms of social proof. People who have experienced profound improvements to their lives as a result of your product can be included.

If you purchase the main product now, you will get the dictionary and the software for free, but they are yours for free if you assign a value to the bonus. This increases the perceived value of your offer. If you limit your guarantee to 30 or 60 days from the day of sale, you won’t have customers coming back months or even years later looking for a refund.

If the customer doesn’t like the guarantee, they can have their money back. Your CTA is the most important part of your landing page. By the time readers have made it all the way through your sales letter to the CTA, they probably are ready to buy anyway.

What is long sales page?

There is a long-form sales page. A sales page is a page that is created to convince someone to buy something. A long-form sales page is the same thing, except it relies on a lot of written content

How do you write long sales copies?

  • Choose a single focus.
  • Define what your goal is.
  • You should identify your target audience.
  • Don’t use boring words.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Please tell a story.
  • If you identify a buyer’s main objections, you can work against them.
  • The offer benefits should be highlighted.

Words on the page have a powerful impact on what consumers do and should be supplemented with images and video. They give their competitors the advantage by writing uninspired copy. Writing sales copy isn’t a one-and-done practice as you’ll learn from this guide.

Testing your copy is the only way to know what works and what doesn’t. Sales copy is a text that convinces consumers to purchase a product. You can create lists, write sales copy in paragraph form, or put it on an image.

You don’t need to turn your sales page into the next techno-thriller novel, but you should play with language and voice to give visitors a reason to keep reading. The consumer doesn’t have a frame of reference if they haven’t tried your service or worn a pair of your shoes. This involves hitting pain points, calling out qualities that beat the competition, and appealing to your target demographic.

For helping consumers make educated decisions and for highlighting the top benefits your target audience can enjoy by investing in what you’re selling, sales copy is essential. Whether you are selling sneakers or a software as a service product, we have the best tips for producing eye-catching, persuasive, engaging sales copy. We will use a company that sells products and services.

Before you write a sales copy, test it, and put it in front of lots of consumers, you should get an idea of your baseline conversion rate. Most of your customers are scared off by the high cost of replacing their heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We have a wide range of products to fit your needs, and we offer free in- home consultations with our licensed technicians, which is why these two pieces of sales copy are designed to convince a consumer to buy a new AC unit.

Start reaping the benefits of chilled air by selecting your new AC unit today. There is no air coming through your vents on a hot day. The fans in the world won’t keep you from sweating in your home, so you’re scrambling to get someone to fix or replace your AC If the target consumer lives in a Southern state, he or she will feel a lot of anxiety after an AC disaster. A consumer won’t convert if there are lists of specs that a layperson can’t understand.

You would approach your sales copy differently if you were targeting an audience that was worried about indoor air quality. Compare the energy consumption of a unit that was 10 years old to one that was manufactured today. Features of an AC unit include the SEER rating, multi-stage cooling system, variable-speed operation, and durable construction. The variable-speed unit allows the air conditioner to adjust based on environmental factors.

BarkBox successfully deals with price objections by mentioning that each box costs $22, but is valued at more than 40, which is similar to your call to action on a sales page that explains the benefits of a specific AC unit. The welcoming headline helps encourage prospects to start a free trial. This example also uses custom illustrations on the right side of the page, but the sales copy is concise and powerful.

There is a deep understanding of the pain points prospective customers face. Writing killer sales copy is one of the most powerful things you can do in marketing. If you sign up for a free trial of Crazy Egg, you will be able to see exactly how website visitors interact with your sales pages. You can even A/B test different versions of your sales copy to land on the right layout, language, and design.

We share tips and advice on how to get to know your audience better, and when to use automation for more effective data collection. You don’t have to change your web design to take your sales pages offline.

You need to find the perfect language to communicate with your target audience because your products or services are unique.

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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