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How many nautical miles can a country claim?

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The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea was adopted in 1982. A country may claim an area stretching from the coast to the sea as its own territorial sea. 200 nautical miles of the water column can be exploited as its exclusive economic zone.

How far offshore can a country claim?

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How far off land is international waters?

International waters start around 200 nautical miles from the country’s shoreline and continue outward.

What is the 12 nautical mile limit?

The sea is territorial.

Why are territorial waters 12 miles?

Territorial seas were long enough for a state to exercise control from land. The allowed breadth of a territorial sea claim was extended to 12 nautical miles with the negotiation of the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention.

What is a nautical mile limit?

The three nautical mile limit refers to a maritime boundary that defined a country’s territorial waters for the purposes of trade regulation and exclusive use, as well as extending as far as the reach of cannons fired from land.

What can extend 12 nautical miles beyond the territorial sea limit in unclos?

The entire zone.

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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