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How do you use the word characterize?

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  • What do you think about the mood in the 1990s?
  • His early paintings are bright and bold.
  • His paintings have bright colours.
  • The humanities are vague and irrelevant according to scientists.

The meaning is ‘krktraz.’ His early paintings are bright and bold.

Both describe connections in reality and give an account of the character of their beliefs. Simple statistical techniques are used to analyze the data. The growers say the upcoming battle is about their right to earn a living. Some of the more obvious signs of a badly organized operation will be described in the pages that follow.

The amount of time the mind can remain undisturbed is a way to describe the levels of concentration. Depending on the policy ideas of different agents, it’s possible to decide on the right level for a band. Some analysts attempt to identify the political orientations of a large group of people. The portion of the array that we were able to describe fully was covered by the solid outline.

The amplification products in both patients were used to determine the cause of the different changes. Even analysts who have been downgrading tech stocks tend to see the decline as a correction, not a long-term trend.

How do you use characterize in a sentence?

  • The company is refusing to describe the event as a PR nightmare, but their stock price has plummeted.
  • As of late, the newspaper has been producing papers that are politically neutral.

What does characterize mean example?

Defining something is done by its distinctive and unique features. A priest’s religious devotion is seen as a trait that characterizes him. A region that is characterized by its canals and dikes is where this disease occurs.

How do you use Characterise?

  • The human body is comprised of many sub-systems.
  • There are few manometric studies that attempt to understand the patterns associated with mass movements.

We can say that the human body is comprised of a number of sub-systems.

At most context-sensitive languages, the decision procedures for grammaticality are given by the Montagues. There are open mountain heights and gently sloping valleys in the mid-section. There were 50 patients who had undergone surgery and 50 of them had a panel of antibodies. Some people think the relationship is bad, but others think it’s not bad at all.

He says that what is supposed to describe a gifted minority is not always the case. The officials sought to portray the pull-out as a purely commercial decision.

All people’s lives can be typified by life events such as puberty and toilet training. Discussion impedance planimetry is a technique that can be used to study the invivo of the gut wall. The officials have an understanding of the processes and procedures that make up a bureaucratic organisation.

Parents who abuse their children have a constellation of social difficulties. This will be the first time that THz technology will be used on cancer cells and it will also be developed to characterise genetic material.

How do you characterize something?

To pin down a person’s personality is to describe them in a certain manner. You are describing your dad as a miser if you say that he is generous. What is the word character?

Is Characterise correct?

The problem with your sentence is not that it’s not correct, but that it has to do with appearance. The word “to appear” can be used to describe both visual and non-visual aspects of a person or object. The year 2014.

What do you mean by characterization?

A definition of characterization is the artistic representation of a human character or motives in order to be accepted by others.

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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