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How do you get recommendations on Goodreads?

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  • More books to rate. The results are better when you rate more.
  • Your favorite genres need to be updated.
  • You can create shelves for “science fiction” or “history” by grouping your books.
  • Not interested in recommendations you don’t like.

How do I get more reviews on Goodreads?

The best way to get feedback on Goodreads is through the Goodreads Groups, which are run by members. Many of the discussion groups allow authors to offer a free eBook copy of their book in exchange for an honest review. The year of 2016

Are Goodreads reviews public?

Book reviews are public and can be seen on the book page. All book reviews are public and can be found on the book page. There is a new year in 2019.

Can people see what I’m reading on Goodreads?

Not much. While private profile hides your personal information and a direct access to your profile, all other information that you put on it will be visible. It is visible when you write in My Writing and everyone can read it.

Can you recommend books to friends on Goodreads?

Click on the book page to find it below the share links. Click on Recommend to send a recommendation if you find your friend’s name. Your friend will receive an email with a link to the book page so they can add it to their shelves. There is a new year in 2021.

Are Goodreads messages private?

User Content is not limited to reviews, comments, and visual content. Goodreads takes reasonable precautions to keep messages private between you and the recipient. A new year 2020.

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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