How do you put power words on a resume?

Power words can be included in your resume, including in your job description, summary statement, and cover letter. If you repeat the same words,...
Neal Kaplan
11 min read

What are some red flags in a resume?

There are mistakes and typos. You don’t pay attention to details on your resume. The email address was not professional. There are Employment gaps....
Neal Kaplan
7 min read

What are the 7 parts of a resume in…

There is a resume section. There is a section for skills and expertise. There is a section for Experience and Work History. There’s a...
Deborah W. Nason
7 min read

How do you evaluate a good resume?

A rating standard will be used in the resume review. You should avoid ranking candidates from best to least. Before looking at the materials...
Deborah W. Nason
4 min read

Is it safe to send your resume through email?

Whether you paste your resume into the body of an email or send it as an attachment, keep the style simple. You don’t know...
Neal Kaplan
1 min read

What is a resume and mention its types?

The resume is like an advertisement. Depending on the type of job you are applying to, different resume formats can be used. The four...
Neal Kaplan
3 min read

How do you write a good opening statement for…

Start with a strong trait, add skills, describe your goals, and say what you want to do for the company. Use the name of...
Neal Kaplan
6 min read

Is it OK to have a 1.5 page resume?

No, you can’t have more than 1.5 pages on your resume. 1.5 pages will leave a lot of empty space and make your application...
Deborah W. Nason
52 sec read

What is the easiest type of resume?

Most industries can be accommodated in the chronological resume format. The location of your employment history is more important than other resume formats. It...
Neal Kaplan
2 min read

How can I make my resume strong?

Please add your contact information. You should include a summary and objective. You can add your work experience to it. Your education should be...
Deborah W. Nason
5 min read