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Are cover letters addressed to a specific person?

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Addressing a specific person tells the hiring manager that you have written the cover letter. Call the company if you can’t identify the hiring manager. Explain that you’re applying for a job and would like to address your cover letter to the correct person.

Should I address my cover letter to a specific person?

The cover letter “To Whom It May Concern” casts a wide net and is specific to no one, so try addressing it to a specific person. The most generic version is Dear Hiring Manager, but job seekers can be more specific.

Who is a cover letter addressed to?

The HR manager of the company or the hiring manager of the job you’re applying for should receive a cover letter. A basic cover letter salutation uses the hiring manager’s first and last name, and includes a “Ms.” or other relevant professional title before their name.

How do you refer to someone in a cover letter?

Mention the referrals in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Please include the individual’s name and description of your connection with them. How do you know a person?

Can a cover letter be addressed to two people?

If you know you need to address the cover letter to more than one person, it is okay to do so. If you can’t locate the name of the person you’re writing to, you can use “Dear Hiring Manager” as the opening greeting in your cover letter.

How do you address a formal letter to two recipients?

If you had one recipient, you would address two recipients the same way. The recipient’s names, company name and address will be included. The order of the addressees will be determined by the company. The full name and title of the recipient should be stated.

What is the proper salutation for multiple recipients?

Once you have listed all recipients, use a group greeting, such as “Dear Attendees,” or “Dear Project Colleagues.”

Deborah W. Nason Writer. Twitter ninja. Wannabe organizer. Avid troublemaker. Bacon geek. Tv evangelist.

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