Working well with others

A big part of a technical communicator’s job is research. The information we use to create content comes from a wide variety of sources: technical specs, product research documents, business proposals, white papers, internal wikis, customer support tickets…

And even from actual people. There’s lot of good info locked away in our coworkers’ heads. Getting to that info isn’t always easy, but I’m honestly surprised how often one question comes up both in interviews and in discussions with other tech writers: “How do you work with engineers?”

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Using humor in your documentation. Or not.

Tom Johnson wrote a great post about user manuals, and wondered whether a bit of humor would help keep a reader’s attention, and make them more willing to read (and follow) help instructions. I have complex feelings about that, and I’ve been able to argue myself into agreeing and disagreeing with the use of humor in help documentation.

Is the possible benefit of adding humor to documentation worth the cost?

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