Book review: You Can Say That Again

This is the unintentional second installment of Customer and Content’s book review series. Well, it’s intentional, in that I’m writing it of my own free will, but I wasn’t intending to write a series of book reviews. Although calling two articles a “series” might be a bit much.

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Book review: Enterprise Content Strategy

When I attended the Information Development World conference I picked up a copy of Val Swisher’s Global Content Strategy: A Primer. I had just been asked to figure out what it would take to translate our product documentation and UI text, so I needed to learn as much as possible about translation and localization, as quickly as possible.

Global Content Strategy fits that requirement perfectly. It’s concise and to the point, and after reading it I was able to pt together a viable strategy, and talk to localization contractors without sounding like an idiot (always a huge fear of mine).

But this is a review of a different book.

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