My presentation from WTD 2016

At the recent Write the Docs conference in Portland, I stood up on stage in front of 400 people and talked about why it’s important to work closely with your customer support team, and the benefits of doing so (besides getting to know your coworkers, of course!).

And here are the slides (in a slightly non-ideal format, but I wanted to include my notes):

One thought on “My presentation from WTD 2016

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    Great talk that helps you discover docs-support teams potential.
    Highlights of the talk:
    Support team may help you build the culture of information sharing.
    Why should you be curious about support cases/tickets:
    “how to do something…” cases are practically yours
    learn about customers experience and expertize
    learn the language customers are using
    I myself collaborate closely with the support team on my project, and can totally testify that support team is none less than SME of your SMEs.

    Enjoy the talk!

    Yana Halaburka, Information Developer at ELEKS

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