Fast. Good. Cheap?

I usually work in a tactical writing mode: documenting new features and workflows in an agile development environment, or writing special content for training or specific customer requirements. I’m very comfortable working at a tactical level. But in the iron triangle of fast/cheap/good (where you can pick any two), going for fast/good incurs a cost that’s very easy to miss for a while: losing sight of the strategic goals…or failing to create them at all.

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A few ideas and one scandalous revelation

My last post was number 25 (sorry about missing a week). That means that I’ve been posting for 6 months (I missed a week). My goal is to reach 100 posts and then…well, I’m not sure. If my posts by then are “let’s look at the things on my desk and make them metaphors for technical writing,” then I’ll pack it in. But now that I’ve hit a round and arbitrary number, I’m going to write down some ideas and plans. And I’ll reveal Shocking News!

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In search of the perfect (or perfectly adequate) writing tool

Everyone who uses tools for a living loves their tools. And has strong opinions about them. Most programmers are happy to talk about their favorite coding languages and development tools, for example. For tech writers, we get to argue about content management systems, authoring tools, authoring formats, documentation structure…And that’s after we’ve battled over grammar, font choice, and glossary terms. Seriously: Glossary battles are the worst.

Now I find myself needing to change my writing process, and probably adding a tool or two to my workflow. Oh joy.

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